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From your project as you dreamed up to its turnkey delivery !


"Expert advice, support and simplicity is your idea and our commitment"


Our goal

We aim to free your mind from practical and technical constraints while we insure that everything is done in accordance with professional standards and within given timelines.


Our Nature

Staying ahead of the trends with our vast knowledge of innovative materials and latest techniques that ensure we deliver on all expectations.


Our position

Staying committed to using only the highest quality of staff, materials and techniques.


Our network

We are partnered with preferred professionals which expertise allows us to cover even the most demanding requests.

Our services

  • Initial contact

    The initial consultation enable us to familiarise ourselves with your project and your world. It also allows us to give you our first advice and calculate your project.

  • Basic preliminary design

    This phase consists of proposing a layout and decorative style that corresponds to your tastes and  budget.
    For practical purposes:

    • assess the current status and take notes,
    • provide you with preliminary sketches,
    • help you make an initial selection of materials,
    • establish a preliminary pilot study taking into account your choices and constraints.

  • Detailed preliminary design

    Once the renovation plan is finalised, we set the groundwork by producing the necessary documents and final plans.
    We help you make the final choice of materials (for which, thanks to our contacts, we can help you obtain the best possible prices).
    We help you select the contractors who will work on the project, and we negotiate with them on your behalf to obtain the best conditions in terms of cost, timeline and quality.

  • Renovation

    Throughout the duration of your renovation work, we monitor its progress: we follow up regularly with the companies responsible and report back to you.

  • Delivery

    We carry out the final inspection and ACW (Acceptance of Completed Work), with you and the contractors.

About us

"To help you realize projects in line with your aspirations."


The creator

Born from Vincent Flouret’s original concept in 2009, HOME RENOVATION PARIS is an architect's and interior decoration office, acting on behalf of both individual clients and corporate investors.
We take care of all the renovation work (plans, design, choice of materials, supplier selection, follow-up on progress…).
We choose to outsource construction in order to obtain the best value for money from competing suppliers.
All of our contractor partners have to comply with our quality commitment charter.

The Home Renovation Paris mindset

As far as we are concerned, a renovation is no more or less than a project in the industrial sense. We therefore manage it as such, meaning we guarantee a result that meets customer expectations, within the agreed time limit and budget.
Our core business consists of managing renovation projects from A to Z, mainly in Paris and the surrounding region.
Our service is consequently aimed at customers who don’t have the possibility, the experience or the inclination to devote any time and energy to organising a renovation project or managing any difficulties, or following up on the project on an almost daily basis.


Package rates

  • Design only : 62€ excluding VAT/ m²
    Minimum charge: 1000€ excluding VAT
    For renovations including two or more rooms with water inlets (for example kitchen or bathroom), the minimum charge is 1500€ excluding VAT.
  • Supervision only: 105€ excluding VAT/ m²
    Minimum charge: 2500€ excluding VAT
    Design plus supervision: 157€ excluding VAT /m²
    Minimum of 3000€ excluding VAT

For renovations totalling over 100m², a sliding scale will be applied.
These package rates apply to simple renovations (without construction or demolition permits, or clearance from co-owners), estimated at an overall price of between 1000€ and 1500€ per square metre (corresponding to the average price of renovation work in the Paris area, not including major fixtures such as staircases, lifts, inbuilt woodwork or other high end fittings).
If the estimated cost exceeds 1500€ per square metre, an additional charge may be applied for the supervision phase.

Alternative pricing method

  • Renovation worth 30 000€ – 100 000€ excluding VAT applicable fee: 15% excluding VAT
  • Renovation worth 100 001€ – 150 000€ excluding VAT applicable fee: 13% excluding VAT
  • Renovation worth 150 001€ – 300 000€ excluding VAT applicable fee: 10% excluding VAT
For all renovations worth 300 001€ or above (excluding VAT), a sliding scale is applied.

How much is VAT ?

All prices indicated are exclusive of VAT. The VAT rate applied in France for renovation work is either  10% or 20%, depending on the nature of the renovations and the characteristics of the property.
In order to qualify for the lower VAT rate (10%) the project must fulfil the criteria set out by the directive of 28th August 2000: the work must be carried out on residential premises aged two years or above, and they must deal with improvement, transformation, conversion, restoration or maintenance.
The design phase alone (without the supervision phase) is subject to a VAT rate of 20%.
If the design phase is followed by the supervision phase, the total fees are subject to a VAT rate of 10% if the property fulfils the criteria mentioned above.